Helping your dog lose weight
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Did you know that obesity in dogs is a life-limiting condition? This means a dog that weighs more than they should for their breed type and age, will die at a younger age than a dog who has a lower body fat.

Obesity in dogs increases the risk of injury, diabetes, heart conditions, heat stroke and degenerative arthritic conditions. While no one wants to be told their dog is overweight, it’s important to remember it isn’t personal and no one is finger-pointing.

There are many reasons why a dog may be overweight. These include:
🔺genetics (think chocolate labs and beagles)
🔺acute injury or surgery
🔺pre-existing conditions
🔺change to exercise

For example, a dog with an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) will be prone to gaining weight, as will a female who has been spayed.

Knowing how best to help your dog reduce weight and get fitter can feel overwhelming, especially if you have been following the instructions on the feed labels, or even more frustrating if you are reducing your dog’s food and still not seeing a result.

Here are my 3 Top Tips In Achieving and Maintaining A Healthy Weight:

☑️ Know Your Dog’s Perfect Weight:

Understanding your dog’s ideal weight is crucial. Knowing your dog’s ideal weight range for their breed type, age, gender and size is crucial.

☑️ Monthly Weigh Ins:

Regular monitoring is key! Just like humans, dogs’ weight can fluctuate and before you know it, your dog has put on 2 -3 kg without you even noticing. Your vet practice, and most good pet shops have scales available at no charge. A 4 week weigh in is a brilliant way to track any changes. Sudden weight gain or loss could be a sign of an underlying issue, allowing you to address concerns early on.

☑️ Weigh Out Their Food (AT EVERY MEAL):

Accurate portion control is vital for weight management. Invest in a kitchen scale to measure your dog’s food precisely at every meal. Adjust portions based on your dog’s activity level, age, and overall health.

A problem shared, of course, is a problem halved, and you don’t have to muddle through alone. I can help you manage your dog’s diet and nutrition, work out an achievable exercise plan, and set measurable, time-lined outcomes to help your dog successfully shed the pounds, regain their slim waist, and add years onto their life with you.


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