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dog chiropractor harrogate uk

Dani Paizis MSc MMAA AHPR Veterinary Chiropractor

In 1998 Dani gained her undergraduate degree in Equine Science from Bishop Burton College, working as a lecturer and riding instructor for many years.  In 2008 Dani qualified with a Master’s Degree in Veterinary Chiropractic from the McTimoney Chiropractic College. Dani ran a mixed practice for the first 8 years of her career, concentrating her work equally on horses and dogs.

In 2011 Dani forged a new path by setting up her own animal therapies clinic based in her hometown of Harrogate, North Yorkshire, the first of its kind in the North of England. The clinic proved so successful that in 2013 Dani won a National Business Award for young business owners. In 2014 Dani decided to change the direction of her practice to specialise in canine physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Today Dani’s practice continues to thrive with a loyal and varied caseload of patients.

Dani is an advocate of high quality nutrition and supplementation, she has a passion for whole dog wellness, geriatric and arthritis management and canine fitness, as well as special interests in the canine foot and obesity management. Dani practices a multimodal, dog centred approach to physical therapy and is as comfortable treating a wriggly 9 week old puppy, or a team of mushing huskies as she is part of the palliative care team of the aged dog.

Dani lives in Harrogate with her husband and two daughters. They share their home with a very small dog and a very large dog and a slightly arthritic cat. In her spare time Dani loves to cook, garden, ride and spend time with friends and family, but most of all she loves to be in the fresh air exploring with her two dogs Gracie and Benji.


What Dani's Clients' Say

dog chiropractor harrogate uk
I am absolutely over the moon with the amazing treatment our Border Collie Alva has had with Dani! Dani is so patient and caring with our rescued girl, putting her (and us) at ease whilst quickly and professionally diagnosing the problem. Alva’s treatments have worked wonders ensuring she can once again “Fly at Fly Ball”.
Julia and Alva
dog chiropractor harrogate uk
As a veterinary surgeon, I believe a holistic approach is key to many of my patients' recoveries and I know I can rely on Dani to provide an excellent, caring and thorough service for the dogs I refer to her. Regular updates on each pet's improvements allow us to combine our knowledge and action changes in treatments quickly ensuring that every pet receives the best care possible at all times. I love working alongside Dani with many cases including patients with spondylosis, osteoarthritic pain and spinal disease. The results have been fantastic with many living a pain-free life without requiring long-term pain relief medication. I would highly recommend her to everyone!
Nicola Cree, Veterinary Surgeon
dog chiropractor harrogate uk
Dryland Adventurers is home to over 30+ dogs competing in many disciplines from Dryland Sprinting through to Flyball and we are constantly striving to improve their health and wellbeing both in and out of competition. Since meeting Dani in 2015 for some puppy checks, Dani has over the years become an integral part of the fitness and care regime in place for our working canine friends, the main reason for this is Dani’s insatiable appetite for knowledge and experience, this allows us to work as a team and explore a variety of treatments, health checks and plans moving forward in a more fluid and personal manner. Dani treats all our dogs as individuals and recognises their individual personalities and adjusts accordingly. I can not thank Dani enough for the impact and progress we have made with the dogs over the last 6 years and I hope long may it continue. In short, “Dani is not just a chiropractor, Dani is a dog’s best friend.“
Dean, Siberian Huskie breeder and competitive musher
dog chiropractor harrogate uk
I first met Dani at an event for senior dogs. Dani massively stood out from the crowd and spoke not only with passion and education about chiropractic treatments but with true emotion and personal experience. She was also highly recommended by the vet who was hosting the event. Dani's enthusiasm and positivity is infectious, and her sense of humor and understanding that dogs will be dogs is very much appreciated. Having been a client now for several years, I can honestly not thank her enough for keeping my senior dogs in such good shape. We are working through a maintenance plan for the dogs as they have arthritis, on vet-prescribed medication, have various conditions such as spinal arthritis and stifle repair surgery, and require regular vet checkups. Dani will happily update our vet and the hydrotherapy team when required, so we have a very slick joined-up communication stream for my dog's care. As part of Dani's ongoing care, she has most recently coached me to continue one of my dog's leg stretches at home in between his appointments. Dani took a lot of time to show me how to perform the exercises safely. Most recently, Dani suggested the purchase of some hock supports for my male boxer Elmo. These supports have made a massive difference in his confidence, Dani even face-timed us when they arrived to talk us through how to fit them correctly. Dani gives us so much extra in each session, from full explanations of the treatment she is giving, along with dietary advice, nail trimming and weight management. Dani ends each appointment with an "overall assessment" discussion, which I find helpful, together with some great "take-home" pointers. Dani is so supportive of what it means to take care of elderly dogs, including the tears and laughter too! I honestly cannot recommend or thank Dani enough for keeping my dog's in a much of a pain-free state as possible as they head to their 12th birthdays (with cake!). Dani has magic hands, and the actual testimony is how incredibly happy each of my dogs is to see Dani.
Jill with Elmo and April
dog chiropractor harrogate uk
Maya was diagnosed with elbow dysplasia at 2 years old, Dani was recommended to me and after much patience, she got Maya to a good place and is still going strong at 11 years old. Dani gave me such good advice and information on how I looked after Maya, which I followed, and we’ve been going to Dani for regular treatments since. I firmly believe if it weren’t for Dani’s skill and knowledge, kindness and love for animals, Maya would not have had the quality and length of life she’s had. I really can’t thank her enough.
Colette and Maya
dog chiropractor harrogate uk
I first heard about chiropractic for dogs from a fellow dog owner when she spotted my dog (Bullseye) lifting one of his back legs a lot while walking & playing. I had been told that this was a trait of terriers and so had thought nothing of it. It wasn’t hard for me to realise that chiropractic care for Bullseye would be beneficial as I had already been working at a human chiropractic center for many years and therefore very aware of the benefits of chiropractic connection to animals seemed logical to me. Bullseye has been seeing Dani for many years now, not only is she an excellent K9 chiropractor, her knowledge on all things K9-related is outstanding. Dani helped when Bullseye started with a skin condition advising on alternative veterinary choices, looking at his diet and many other great insights. Bullseye loves his visits to Dani. He just chills out & relaxes while Dani gets on with treatments. He’s not overly keen when the nail clippers come out, however, Dani expertly deals with his grumbles, offering a treat to appease him for long enough to get those pesky nails clipped. Dani is a fantastic K9 chiropractor. Her knowledge & expertise are invaluable.
Linda & Bullseye

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