Holistic dog care

How to choose the right physical therapist for your dog

Your dog is in pain, the vet has diagnosed a musculoskeletal injury and suggested “a bit of a massage” and you need help. You’ve googled it and come across some scary-looking YouTube videos, it’s a minefield. So how do you get the right physical therapist for your dog? Google the contacts you have been given, then check: ☑️ Qualifications, anyone…

What is the McTimoney Technique?

Chiropractic was first developed in America by D D Palmer, his techniques for manipulating the spinal column were named chiropractic by a patient of Palmer’s. the name Chiropractic is based on two Greek words, the first “chiro”, meaning hand, and the second “praktikos” meaning done by, so chiropractic translates as done by hand. In the 1940’s an English gentleman name…

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